July 24, 2019 1 min read

“I use TeaZa when I surf and mountain bike.  Black Cherry is my favorite flavor, but I also like Peppermint and Spicy Cinnamon.  The energy boost from TeaZa is smooth and I never feel a crash like other energy supplements, drinks or shots.  I used to chew gum when I would go surfing to keep my mouth from tasting like salt.  Anybody who has tried this knows it doesn’t last long.  TeaZa tastes great for hours in the saltwater.  The flavor also lasts through hours of mountain biking.  I recently placed first in a mountain bike race.  When I started, I realized I had forgotten my TeaZa!  I stopped, put my bike down and went back to get it.  I was so glad I did because it kept my mouth moist and gave me that extra boost that I needed at the end.  When I looked at the finish times, I was the only competitor who had increased my speed with each lap of the race.  I recommend TeaZa to everyone I see on the trails.”—Greg H.

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