March 24, 2019 1 min read

Skimboarder Adam Barker

“The first time I popped a TeaZa, I was at the Surf Expo in Orlando Florida with my skimboard sponsor, WaveZone Skimboards. I was handed a bag of TeaZa Pouches, instantly popped one in my mouth, and next thing you know, I was promoting a new product, making sales, raffling off prizes, and not wasting any time! TeaZa had me literally energized out of my mind the whole weekend of the convention. My excitement didn’t go unnoticed as my Team riders began to try them. By the end of the day, everyone at my booth was poppin’ TeaZa. Ever since then, I have loved the fact that I can get instant energy without having to drink a bunch of sugar. It’s so convenient to have where ever you go. I pop them before work in the morning and before skimboarding in the evening. It’s quality energy without the crash.”Adam Barker