July 23, 2019 1 min read

Free-lance adventure journalist, Rob Lyon pops a TeaZa for a boost while working on projects out in the field.
 “As a free-lance adventure journalist, I’m frequently in the field on magazine projects. The field is a convenient euphemism for river canyon, wilderness seacoast or mountain. Always on bonk alert, the last thing we want to be faced with is a lack of energy to finish what we start. At home I’m a two cup of coffee a day guy, that second cup is my mid-day lifter. On the water in cats or rafts we bring out the jet boil and fire up a quick instant, otherwise, it’s pretty much a caffeinated gel of some type. But just a week ago I was high standing on a peak in the North Cascades and getting ready to begin a descent. I’d picked up some Teaza just for the occasion. The stuff rocked and not only gave me exactly the boost I was looking for to make it down to the lake, but the taste of the peppermint was subtle and pleasant and kept my mouth from getting bored. Will have this stuff aboard on all future projects!”Rob Lyon