June 27, 2019 2 min read

In honor of Men’s Health Month, we thought it was fitting to ask the top dogs here at the company to share their testimonials with us.  Here’s what they had to say about TeaZa® Energy.

Meet Dr. Brent Agin (second from left) and Matt Morrow (center).  Both are fathers and life-long health and fitness enthusiasts who use TeaZa® every day.

First we asked our head honcho—the doc who created the all mighty pouch—what in the heck made you think of putting a mini tea bag in your mouth?

TeaZa is a really unique product and people always ask me why I created it!  Here’s the story.

I have a very active lifestyle and a work hard-play hard mentality, so staying focused and maximizing energy is challenging.  Long, busy work days and driving long distances leaves me looking for a pick-me-up.

The things that seem to satisfy other people like energy drinks, energy shots, chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds are not the right option for me.  But sunflower seeds ultimately got me thinking.  When munching on sunflower seeds while driving, the oral stimulation kept me alert and focused, even though the seeds had no caffeine or stimulants. 

I realized that the need for oral stimulation is connected to habits like smoking, dipping and snacking. I became inspired to create a healthier alternative.

Now, every day I hear feedback from our customers who use TeaZa as a healthy alternative to energy drinks, snacks, and tobacco products.  When I pop a pouch, it is indeed the exact experience I had hoped for and is now an important part of my daily routine.  

I am so proud that our company created something that has helped people give up some of their unhealthy habits.”—Brent Agin, MD, CEO, TeaZa® Energy

And of course, we had to ask TeaZa®’s #1 fan—and our boss—why he loves TeaZa®.

Part of my daily routine involves using TeaZa.  As part of the product development team, I have a real passion for the product and why it was developed. 

I have always been active in sports from a young age through college and continue to remain active with running, biking and weight training along with other outdoor activities. Now more than ever—as I approach age 50—making healthy choices about what I put in my body is at the forefront of my mind.  I have gained a real understanding of the idea that ‘my body is a temple’. 

There are so many products on the market for the healthy minded, disguised with slick marketing and promotion that actually are not quite so healthy.  I can feel confident that TeaZa provides me the healthy energy, focus and a boost when I need a little edge, without the ill effects that come from some other very popular energy products.  I routinely use TeaZa and feel good about doing so.  To power through the work day, keep up with my two young daughters and during intense workouts—I pop a TeaZa!” –Matt Morrow, COO, TeaZa® Energy

There you have it from the papas of the pouch!