May 24, 2019 1 min read

“When I first tried TeaZa Energy (Peppermint was my first) I was actually confused about how to actually use the pouch. Thankfully a friend told me to keep it between the bottom teeth and cheek to get the most flavor. It turned out to be convenient and wasn’t uncomfortable, which was a concern of mine. Now I pop a pouch just after lunch time at my school which gives me energy to get through the rest of my day without collapsing onto my bed. Also, being a gaming enthusiast I spend a great number of hours on my Xbox grinding out whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish on there, and TeaZa Energy gives me extra focus and awareness to help with that. TeaZa Energy is my go-to energy supplement when I’m feeling sluggish and I’m glad that it’s around to help with my exhausting days. Thanks guys! :)”—Graham P.

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