June 19, 2019 1 min read

Pro surfer, pops a TeaZa® for smooth energy, no crash and long-lasting flavor when riding the waves.

“I have been the type of competitor that at times can be a little skeptical about things I put in my body such as anything that has to do with energy. I have drank and taken a lot of different types of energy boosters and the one major effect was the crash at the end of the day and that feeling like my body is over it.

Then I found out about Teaza and was shocked about how my body reacted and how I was feeling at the end of the day at a competition… I took my first Teaza pack and used it at a competition. I was so stoked at how it fit in my mouth and the flavor. It also helped with not having that salt water taste in mouth while surfing. I could feel my body reacting and it was just plain and simple I got that little boost I needed and felt good at the end of the day.

I won that event! So it’s fair to say that I found the energy I needed in Teaza.”—Paul Pugliesi