July 18, 2022 2 min read


"Throughout my life, as a young kid every time I saw someone dipping I thought they were pretty tough. When I was in college all the toughest guys put one in between their cheek and gum. Watching old NFL films I got a chance to see some of the greatest players getting ready before a game with a chaw in.

During tough times at the Ohio State University, watching film or on road trips, dipping snuff became part of my routine. When I was in meetings, around the guys, or out at the bar; It was something to pass the time.

When I got into coaching, it was something that I wanted to stop. I’d find myself in the middle of the football field tapping away getting ready to put in a plow. Most of the time I didn’t remember I had it in. I really wanted to be a good example to the younger guys that looked up to me. TeaZa gave me the opportunity to make positive changes to an unhealthy habit. 
I love that there’s no spitting. I get the energy and focus my brain needs daily. I’m glad I found a product that fits my personality and health goals.

My favorite flavors are the TeaZa Cool Mint and the NEW TeaZa Cherry Chill. The Cherry Chill is packed with relaxing herbs like chamomile & magnolia bark. It’s great on flights and when I’m winding down for bed.

Meeting Brent Agin, MD, and understanding his passion for health and wellness was a huge step in my growth. Learning the story behind TeaZa and how it was born; it was a no brainer adding it to my healthy habits." - Rodney B.





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