December 04, 2019 4 min read

Tobacco use of any kind tends to be an unpleasant addition to any relationship, and using dip is no exception. While dipping does not create a toxic cloud, like cigarette smoke, it does come with its own social issues. When in a relationship, it is not uncommon for dipping to interfere with affection between partners, and it can even be a significant source of contention. For couples who are tired of arguing with each other about quitting dip, there is a better solution available.

Best Way to Stop Dipping

Partners trying to convince their other half to quit smoking are likely familiar with the pushback and arguments to their request. One of the leading misconceptions about chewing tobacco, and therefore one of the strongest arguments for not quitting dip, is that chewing tobacco is less dangerous than cigarette smoke because users are not inhaling it into their lungs.

While it’s true that smokeless tobacco isn’t linked to lung cancer, it can lead to a significant number oforal cancers. The potential for addiction is also much higher because the exposure to nicotine is constant and in high volumes for as long as the individual keeps the chew in their mouth. 

Of course, knowing that chewing tobacco is unhealthy is not always enough to kick the habit. Once addiction sets in, it can be difficult to quit cold turkey. Often, methods of quitting tobacco are costly to the point of being unaffordable and do little to help with the oral stimulation of chewing tobacco.

This is what makes TeaZa pouches the best smokeless tobacco alternative. TeaZa pouches are packed full of herbs and vitamins that address the oral fixation element of chewing tobacco while curbing cravings. TeaZa pouches also contain energy-boosting herbs to keep individuals alert and focused. As an alternative to smokeless tobacco, TeaZa Energy pouches check off all the boxes addressing why tobacco users typically struggle to quit. 

Warning Signs Related to Chewing Tobacco Use

If your significant other still isn’t convinced, consider going over the dangers and red flags of impending health issues associated with smokeless tobacco. The risks associated with the use of chewing tobacco are very real but some of the warning signs are easy to overlook. Individuals with the following symptoms should schedule an appointment with their doctor immediately: 

  • A sore in the mouth that bleeds easily or refuses to heal
  • A red or white spot in the mouth that doesn’t go away
  • A sore or swollen spot that doesn’t get better
  • A lump or thickening of the skin in the mouth or neck
  • Trouble chewing, swallowing, or using the tongue/jaw

Why is TeaZa the Best Tobacco Free Dip?

Even if an individual wants to quit chewing tobacco, they may struggle with common hurdles. Many tobacco users have triggers or events that make them want to dip, and it can be difficult to overcome that impulse. With TeaZa, they can address that desire without the harmful side effects of nicotine.

The following are some of the top reasons people fail when trying to quit tobacco:

  • There are many other people around that use dip. When an individual quits an addictive substance, it may suddenly appear to be everywhere. Now that they’ve quit dip, they see people using chew while out and about or in bars. This visual reminder often cracks an individual’s resolve.
  • Friends offer to share their dip. Many individuals tell themselves quitting will be simple because they’ll stop buying dip and get rid of the supply they do have. This is all well and good until the individual sees their friend has dip and asks to bum some. This bargaining mentality of “I won’t buy dip, but I can share with others” is a big obstacle toward successfully quitting.
  • Socializing feels difficult without dip. Many individuals who use chewing tobacco have friends who use it as well. Once that person makes the decision to quit, socializing can feel strained or awkward. With everyone around them using dip at social events, that individual may feel left out or like they don’t belong.

This is what makes TeaZa pouches the best smokeless tobacco substitute. Individuals can avoid giving in to cravings or temptation and still maintain their social circles. 

Have a Plan to Stop Dipping

Making the decision to quit dipping is the first step a person has to make in order to successfully quit chewing tobacco. Once the decision is made, individuals will need to have a set plan in order to actually be successful and not fall back into the habit of using chewing tobacco. The following steps can help them get started: 

  1. Make a dip diary to track common themes. Individuals can identify times, places, and emotions that trigger chew use. 
  2. Develop a plan to deal with these instances. Having TeaZa pouches on hand is great for managing nicotine triggers, but individuals should have alternate ideas at the ready in the event that they can’t access a pouch (i.e. chewing gum or sunflower seeds).
  3. Learn how to say no. Turning down an offer of sharing dip isn’t as simple as it sounds. Individuals who say, “No, thanks,” experience higher failure rates than individuals who say, “Thanks, but I don’t dip.” People are less prone to offer it again with I don’t statements. 

Quitting chewing tobacco doesn’t have to be a painful or isolating experience. TeaZa can help dip users kick the habit with a variety of flavorful pouches.Give TeaZa a try today!