January 12, 2019 1 min read

TeaZa® lovers have been weighing in on the new flip-top packing launched in November.  Some have wondered, why the change?

Does it still have the same flavor?  Are the pouches still the same size?  Do they still come in packages of 10?  Yes, yes and yes!

TeaZa® Energy has not changed anything about the herbal energy pouches you know and love.  Same TeaZa® …different package.

As for what sparked the change, one fan’s tweet pretty much sums it up, “Looks good…gets rid of the ‘puck’ stigma. Nobody will assume it’s chew/dip when they see the outline in your pocket!”

Yep, that’s why TeaZa® ultimately opted to kill the can.

Other TeaZa® lovers have told us they prefer the new packaging because it is easier to open and fits better in their pocket.  One fan tweeted, “I think it’s great to just flip it…easy to pop a Teaza®.”

There are a few old school TeaZa® fans out there who have questioned the change and miss the puck—which for now is still available in Coffee and Fire as well as Camo Peppermint and Camo Spicy Cinnamon, by the way.

The truth is, for TeaZa® to continue to grow, it had to transition out of the puck.

Maybe one fan said it best when he tweeted, “we could go really deep and discuss the connotations of the shape/branding or we can just agree it’s pretty damn cool =]”

We couldn’t agree more!