December 07, 2018 1 min read

TeaZa® Energy’s Anti-tobacco Initiative Commemorated the Great American Smokeout and the Great American Teach-In.

So, it turns out A LOT of people are ready to be tobacco-free!

Operation Tobacco Free (OTF) commemorated the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout with their Take the Pledge campaign.  Many were inspired to make a commitment to refuse to use tobacco products and entered our drawing for a $450 smoking cessation package from TeaZa® Energy and its sister companies Trim® Nutrition and TeleWellnessMD.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Fones for winning the smoking cessation package, which includes a month’s supply of Trim® Night Cutter, Trim® Adrenal Repair, Trim® Calm and TeaZa® Energy!  Good luck and keep us posted!


Several OTF ambassadors participated in the Great American Teach-In by visiting schools and educating children about the dangers of tobacco use and encouraging tobacco-free lifestyles for themselves and their family members.

“A lot of the kids told us they were concerned about the health of their family members who use tobacco products,” said Matt Morrow, COO at TeaZa Energy, pictured in the photo above with Brent Agin, MD, TeaZa’s President, and CEO.  “It was pretty touching to hear their concerns about their loved ones.  Spreading the message about being tobacco-free is a win-win—a really positive experience for everyone involved.”

What are you waiting for?  Join the movement!

Apply for a sponsorship, take the pledge, and become an ambassador.