May 20, 2019 3 min read

Why Spit When You Can Swallow?

Is quitting chewing tobacco different than quitting smoking? Both of these bad habits involve the mental, emotional, and physical parts of addiction as well as tobacco products containing nicotine. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms are the same, but tobacco chewers have a much stronger need for – chewing. They need to have something in the mouth, a substitute for the pouch, snuff or chew.

What goes on in your system after quitting dip?

You’ve been thinking that it’s about time to quit chewing tobacco. The list of adverse effects keeps going on and on, but how will quitting positively affect your daily life?

  • It takes 72 hours to get the nicotine out of your body.
  • Your emotions start going up and down, and you start feeling withdrawal symptoms – headaches, insomnia, cravings, inability to concentrate, irritability, constipation, stomach pain, tongue, sore throat. The brain begins receiving more oxygen and is rewiring itself.
  • Your mouth also starts healing itself from ulcers that came as a result of chewing tobacco.
  • Your immune system gets stronger, and blood circulation to your limbs starts to improve. You’ve also regained your appetite.

Positive alternatives to chewing tobacco

Any type or form of tobacco has a wide array of adverse effects on your body, so any tobacco-free product is an excellent alternative to smokeless tobacco. Also, it’s the best way to stop dipping as tobacco-free products provide vitamins and minerals while mimicking the dipping habit. They are very valuable for quitting and don’t build any chemical addiction.

A healthy chew can transform your world, from improving your daily functioning to decreasing the risk of various long-term diseases. With a healthy chew, you will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, improve blood pressure, and reduce the risk of developing cancer. The heightened sense of taste and smell come as your nerves heal, you’ll experience less shortness of breath and coughing, while physical exercise becomes more comfortable to do because your lung function begins to improve.

Healthy tobacco-free alternatives are of great help when it comes to quitting nicotine-laden dip. Once you manage to withdraw and resist trigger events, you will start sleeping better (which helps your overall well-being), feel more naturally energized, and generally have a cleaner appearance. Bad breath and stained teeth are neither healthy nor attractive.

Best smokeless tobacco alternative

To make the healthiest possible choice, make sure you buy nicotine-free and tobacco-free pouches. TeaZa is a healthy dip that has a lip burning sensation and long-lasting flavor (as those who reviewed it say), which is why it’s the best way to stop dipping chewing tobacco. The TeaZa product is created with natural ingredients and what makes it preferred to other smokeless tobacco-free pouches are its proven results, excellent nutrition profile, and different ingredients specific to flavor.

When you quit chewing tobacco, the brain finds itself in an oxygen-rich environment and begins the process of rewiring. Trigger events – the moments when you’d usually reach to your pocket for a tobacco pouch – happen frequently. Quitting any long-lasting habit is difficult, but the fact that you’re putting your health and wellbeing above your nicotine addiction is what counts and what matters. You’ll notice your hand reaching for your pocket to throw in a dip, and that’s the moment you will realize how powerful your addiction was over you.

Visit the TeaZa website to find out more about our healthy alternative to smokeless tobacco! Read our advice on quitting chewing tobacco.