Fisherman Frank quit dipping with TeaZa® for good

Frank Adams“This is the best stuff i quit dipping one year ago and never looked back thanks to TEAZA.”—Frank A.

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Nicole quit her 19-year smoking habit with TeaZa®

Nicole Acuna“TeaZa has helped me in so many ways over the past year, it’s safe to say I can’t live without it. I suffer from a painful autoimmune disease that really sucks the energy out of you like nobody’s business and …

Leonardo uses TeaZa® for energy on his beat!

LeonardoA“I am a law enforcement Deputy Sheriff in the state of Florida. I am currently working midnights, so energy is something I absolutely need.  I use Teaza to get me through my night. The great, clean energy it gives is …

Anthony is 18-months tobacco-free with TeaZa!

Anthony Hopkins“I used TeaZa in Afghanistan to help me kick the habit of using smokeless tobacco and to give me a quick boost in energy while on missions. I’m happy to say that I am currently 18 months tobacco free and …